My life in 10 episodes

Episode 1: The Job Interview

Finding the appropriate person to teach the rich and spoiled Leon Wong manners and proper social behavior is not as easy as it seems. Have a peek at some of the colorful competition that Mr. French beat out for the lucrative job!


Episode 2: Meeting Leon

Mister French meets his student, Leon, for the first time. He is everything Mister French isn't: unrefined, ill mannered and not so keen in changing his ways. In desperation, Mister French attempts to lure his student with the most important of all social skills: how to drink wine properly.


Episode 3: Fashion Sense

On their first shopping expedition together, Mister French and Leon have a close encounter with the fashion savvy Lily Lee. However, they all soon discover that they have wildly differing opinions of what exactly is avant garde.


Episode 4: The Language of Love

In a very uppity club in Hong Kong, Mister French starts to teach Leon the language of love and refinement - French. There they meet Lily whose passion for all things French reaches stellar new heights.


Episode 5: Taichi, Dreams of Love & French Kiss

Both Mister French and Leon have fallen head over heels for Lily; as they attend her Taichi class they do poorly and the physical exercise it requires proves to be too much for the both of them. However, in a wild stroke of good luck, Mister French is asked by Lily to teach her about the French art of kissing.


Episode 6: The Secret of Etiquette

Mister French is getting ready for a date with Lily. His hairdresser can't believe it and demands to know Mister French's secret. Etiquette is the answer. Mister French tells him about greeting etiquette, drinking etiquette and the most important of all: Love's etiquette.


Episode 7: The Unfortunate Fortune Teller

Mister French plots to use Chinese culture to his advantage: he bribes a Chinese fortune teller to tell Lily that he, Mister French, is the man for her. The fortune teller consents but events unfold unexpectedly for everyone involved!


Episode 8: The French Art of Seduction

When he hears that Lily has agreed to have a date with Leon, Mister French can't believe it, so he reverts to what he does best: give advice. Very, very good advice.


Episode 9: Cuisine de Terror

Mister French decides to teach Leon about the delicacies of French cuisine. Leon accepts under one condition: Mister French must try the more exotic Chinese foods. Prepared to be disgusted!


Episode 10: Chateau D├ęcadence

Despite Mister French and Leon's best efforts to impress Lily with their formidable appetites, Lily has another target in her sight. Mister French and Leon take to the town to drown their woes in wine.